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C/1  3-Car EMUs (1999)

All units comprise a powered motor coach (DC only) with 3rd class accommodation, a first class coach and a dummy 3rd class motor coach.  All are tin printed and have punched out windows.  Extra trailer cars for these sets are available at £55 each.

C1E/LMSBroad Street - Richmond maroon LMS 3-car unit

C1 Extra trailer car for above

C1E/Met Baker Street - Harrow brown Metropolitan 4-car unit

C1E/S 1973 (1528/1664/1783) green Southern 3-car unit

 V and L route boards carried *

C1 1664 green Southern centre car route boards

C/1G German Triebwagon 3-car set

*  White and grey roof versions.

Early price list 1996.

Allen Levy's sketches for the EMU series that appeared in the HRCA

Journal May 1997.

C1E Metropolitan Motor Coach

C/1G Two coaches of German Triebwagon set.

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