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C/5     BR Mk1 Coaches 2004 (‘Blood & Custard’)

35cm tin-printed, as supplied with the Bassett-Lowke 'Royal Scot' train pack (set B). All sets had punched out windows and included internal compartments where appropriate.  There were rear working lights on the brake end of Set A and 'The Elizabethan' name boards were included.

C/5 Set A  E13030 full 1st,  E5029 full 3rd, E35260 brake/3rd

C/5 Set B  M15578 full 1st,  M24123 full 3rd, M21089 brake/3rd

C/5 E302 Restaurant Car

C/5 E80675 Full Brake

Sets £215, Singles £75. Issued 2004.

C/5 Set A.

C/5 E80675 Full Brake.

C/5 Special five coach set.

C/5 E302 Restaurant Car.

A review in the American Classic Toy Trains Magazine.

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