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C/7 LNER Coronation 6 Articulated Coach Set - with lights 2004

The Coronation Set

This train commenced a London - Edinburgh premium service in July 1937 and due to the outbreak of war was terminated in September 1939. The train was split up and used on other London - Scottish expresses. The ACE C/7 set therefore brings to life a rare, glamorous, but short lived chapter in railway history.

Suitable loco's for this train are the pre-war garter blue ACE E/4 (A4) and if you wish to simulate the few occasions when relief locos were used then an ACE E/6 (A3) would be appropriate. A beaver tail observation car was put on this service in the summer and we will issue an ACE/Wright edition of 125 of these vehicles later in 2005.

C/7 Beavertail Coach

C/7 Coronation Articulated Set with box top.

Corridor Tail Board for the set.

An advert that appeared in the American Classic Toy Trains magazine.

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