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 E/7-2K Castle Kit Component Parts list

Part  Fixing

I.D Part description

A  Loco body casting  single chimney

B  Loco body casting  double chimney

C  Loco tender casting

D  Partly assembled loco mech complete with

     wheels gears & motor

E  Tender chassis with wheels assembled

G  Tender top

G Bag containing

1  Assembled front bogie

2  Front bogie fixing screw

H Bag containing

1  Cylinder and slide bar assembly RH

2  Cylinder and slide bar assembly LH

3  2 x Plastic insulating sheet

4  Coupling rods RH

5  Coupling rods LH

6  4 x coupling rod crankpins

7  2 x centre crankpin bushes

8  2 x centre crankpin CSK fixing screws

9  2 x centre crankpin washers

10  4 x cylinder to chassis fixing screws

11  2 x slide bar to chassis fixing scews and nuts

12  8 x slide bar and cylinder insulating washers

13  2 x rocking lever pivot and slide bar to frame

       plastic top hat bushes

14  2 x rocking lever pivot screws

J Bag containing

1  3R spoon assembly

2  Spoon assembly fixing screws x 2

K Bag containing

1  Smoke-box door   BR (alternative part) - Glue

2  Smoke-box door  GWR (alternative part) - Glue

3  Smoke-box door dart inner (clear hole)

4  Smoke-box door dart outer (threaded hole)

5  Smoke-box door dart fixing bolt

6  Smoke-box door dart fixing bolt washer

L Bag containing

1  Cab backhead

2  Cab backhead fixing screws x 2

3  Cab handrail - Glue

4  Fall-plate assembly

5  Fall-plate hinge screws x 2

6  Loco draw-bar

7  Loco draw-bar  fixing screw x 1

8  Loco draw-bar  fixing screw spacer x 1

9  2R-off-3R switch rod

10  2R-off-3R switch rod knob

11  Chassis to body fixing screws x 3

M Bag containing

1  Splasher sides x 4 front and centre - Glue

2  Splasher sides rear LH - Glue

3  Splasher sides rear RH - Glue

4  Name backing plate - Glue

5  Name backing plate and reverse rod - Glue

N Bag containing

1  Loco handrail

2  Handrail knobs x 10 - Glue

3  Outside steam pipes LH

4  Outside steam pipes RH

5  Outside steam pipes fixing screws x 2

6  Whistle LH - Glue

7  Whistle RH - Glue

8  Safety valve - Glue

9  Single chimney top (alternative part) - Glue

10  Double chimney  (alternative part)

11  Double chimney fixing screw

12  Front lamp wiring loom

P Bag containing

1  Loco headboards x 5 styles

R Bag containing

1  Loco lamps x 2 - Glue

2  Buffer shanks x 2 - Glue

3  Buffer heads x 2

4  Buffer head screws x 2

5  Buffer springs x 2

6  Screw coupling

7  Screw coupling spring

8  Screw coupling hook fixing washer

9  Screw coupling hook fixing split pin

10  Vac-pipe - Glue

S Bag containing tender parts

1  Drawbar

2  Drawbar fixing screw

3  ACE coupling

4  ACE coupling fixing screw

5  Drawbar & coupling top hat bush x 2

6  Rear handrails x 2

7  Rear handrail knobs x 4 - Glue

8  Buffer shanks x 2 - Glue

9  Buffer heads x 2

10  Buffer head screws x 2

11  Buffer springs x 2

12  Brake handles x 2 - Glue

13  Tender top fixing screws x 2

14  Tender chassis to body fixing screws x 2

15  Vac-pipe - Glue


The centre driving wheel crankpins you will find are already fitted to the wheels.

Parts 8 & 9 in bag H are the small 2mm dia counter sunk (CSK) screws and CSK washers to retain the connecting rods to the crankpin.


There are two 2mm nuts in bag H parts 11.

These nuts go inside the loco frames to retain the slide bar bracket and

are not shown on the exploded view of the chassis.

Tools and items required to assemble this kit.

Small flat needle file

Small round needle file

Car body filler such as plastic padding

Instant super glue

Selection of cross head screw drivers

Selection of slot head screw drivers

Normal pliers

Pointed pliers

3/16  or 5mm A/F socket or tubular spanner


Name and number plates

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