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ACE Trains Coach Series.

ACE Trains re introduced Gauge 0 tin printed coaches to the market after an absence of many years.

One remarkable fact is the new series contained more varieties of liveries than issued by their illustrious predecessors in over 100 years prior to 1999.

All this series were based on a 35cm chassis evoking a full size length of 51ft. Refinements such as Clerestory roofs, rear lights, and interior kits came later.

The ACE/Wright series became an adjunct of both the 35 and 40 cm series.

A spectacular range of articulated sets depicting many of the crack LNER Express trains of the 1930's followed on.

They were followed some 5 years later by a line of 40cm main line stock some of which (C/13 onwards) were fitted with Commonwealth fully sprung bogies.

Although over 15,000 units of one kind or another are in the market, they are an eminent source of material for collectors and runners.

The first Coach Catalogue (Supplement) published in 1999 with the prices listed as Boxed sets of 3 coaches £141 (plus £24  VAT for all EEC customers = £165) Non - EEC price £141

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