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E/1   4-4-4 Tank Engine (1996)

This model was based on the No.2 Tank Engine in the pre-war Hornby Series, which went out of production in 1929.  The original models were available only with a clockwork mechanism but the E/1 locomotives by ACE Trains have 20v electric mechanisms with remote control in AC/DC.  IS = in DC only with isolating switch.

ECR/1 4-4-4 CR blue gloss or matt IS

EMR/1 108 Metropolitan maroon gloss or matt

EGW/1 7202 GWR green gloss or matt

ELM/1 4-4-4 LMS maroon gloss or matt IS

EMB/1 4-4-4 LMS black gloss or matt

ELG/1 4-4-4 LNER green gloss or matt

ELB/1 4-4-4 LNER black matt

ESB/1 E492 SR black gloss or matt * IS

ESG/1 B604 SR green gloss or matt * IS

EET/1 2-2-2 ETAT black matt

EPO/1 2-2-2 PO grey matt

EPL/1 PLM red matt **

END/1 Nord brown matt

END/2 Nord green matt

EES/1 EST black matt

EES/2 EST brown matt

ENZ/1 NZR black matt

* 44 of the E/1 series in Southern livery were given a very large range of factory produced names at the request of customers (1996/97).  These were gold transfers and were said to be in homage to the SR ‘River’ Class tanks.

** Some of the PLM version carried factory produced names on gold transfer nameplates.


Two pre production examples.

The first of two E/1 mock ups. The second one did not survive the constance surgery it underwent.

E/1 series customers were offered the opportunity of naming their own Southern locos as a freelance homage to the real SR ‘Rilver Class’ Tank locos. Illustrated here are virtually all the names applied to the class. It includes names cooked up by ACE including Virgin, Richard Branson and Mohammed Al Fayed, all designed to curry favour with their organisations. Extremely nice letters were all that materialised. I wonder where the locos finished up.

E/1 Advert placed in the HRCA Journal Feb. 1996.

Acceptance drawing for type A E/2. Two cab styles were available for this short lived series.

The first announcement of the E/1 Locos.

The first price list for the E/1.

The original E/1 mechanism showing the electronic AC/DC switching devise next to the leaver.

Comments by John Mayo a skilled clock maker and restorer, an enthusiast of ACE Trains on a  early E/1 Model.

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Copy of a Fax confirming the first deliveries

An early card flyer with availablity listing, returned with a written order confirmation.

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