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E/10 SR 4-4-0  Schools Loco 2013

The Schools class was introduced in 2010 and utilised the same mechanical layout as the original E/1 range with contrate wheel final drive. One of its tag lines was 'Schools out - for the first time since 1939'. The Schools series were supplied with single and Kylchap chimneys. Some Girls Schools were honoured namely Roedean and St Trinneans and several Scottish Boys Schools added to the fictional roster namely Fettes and Goudonstoun. A pink finish was inspired by Lionel's effort in the 1930's.

E/10A1 SR Maunsell olive green E900 Eton  no deflectors

E/10A2 SR Maunsell olive green 900 Eton

E/10B BR green 30903 Charterhouse

E/10C SR Malachite green 935 Sevenoaks

E/10D BR lined black 30925 Cheltenham

E/10E SR Olive green  926 Repton

E/10G SR sage green  919 Harrow

E/10H SR Wartime black  908 Westminster

E/10J Pink 1922 St. Trinnean`s (with two figures)

E/10K1 CR blue  1933  Gordonstoun

E/10K1 CR blue  1870  Fettes

E/10L SR Olive green custom

E/10M SR Malachite green custom

E/10P SR Wartime black custom

E/10R1 BR lined black custom

E/10R2 Post 56 BR lined black custom

E/10S Post 56 BR green custom

E/10T Navy blue 1885 Roedean (with two figures)

Early Advert for HRCS, B/L, and TCS magazines.

E/10B BR green 30903 Charterhouse with 'The Man of Kent' headboard.

Some ‘interesting’ alternate liveries for the ACE Schools Class. Maunsell and Malachite Green SR versions and BR Black and Green were also available for those with more conventional tastes.

Loco 1885 ‘Roedean’, the School was requisitioned by the Royal Navy during the war and became a Torpedo instruction outpost of HMS Vernon at Portsmouth.

Loco 1922 ‘St Trinnean’s, a Pink version with crossed Hockey Sticks illustrated within the shield on the tender. This follows Lionel’s example in the pre and post war period which some might argue is not to be encouraged. However, we are in this part of the market to counteract the over seriousness of some in the model train fraternity.

10T Navy blue 1885 Roedean (with two figures)

10J Pink 1922 St. Trinnean`s (with two figures)

Tender Logo

Tender Logo

The Sailors footplate crew

The Girls footplate crew

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