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E/11 LNER/BR N2 0-6-2 Loco

The N2 was produced in collaboration with John Fowler who went on to form Seven Mills Models.

The N2 was our first involvement with ETS of Prague and when the locomotive was issued had raised the standards of that firm considerably. A small run were produced in LNER apple green otherwise standard black for both the condensing and non condensing versions were made

All issued with four clear jewelled lamps two red ones and

four white discs plus destination boards Kings X, Hatfield, Hertford and Moorgate.

E/11A LNER lined satin black   2674

E/11B LNER lined satin black   4744

E/11C LNER lined satin black non cond.  2690

E/11D Pre 56 B/Railways lined sa/black 69529

E/11E Pre 56 BR lined satin black   69538

E/11G Post 56 BR lined satin black 69569

E/11H Post 56 BR lined satin black 69506

E/11J LNER lined apple green  9522

E/11K BR lined satin black non cond. 69567

E/11GS BR N2 goods set 1x loco 2 x white vans + 1 x ED van + 1 x G/4 brake van

E/11G Post 56 BR lined satin black, a pre production picture.

E/11J LNER lined apple green.

E/11G Post 56 BR lined satin black.

Operating instructions.

Early Advert for the Loco in the HRCA Journal.

Publicity flyer.

E/11B LNER lined satin.

E/11GS BR N2 goods set.

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