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E/13 LNER/BR 4-6-2 A1

We had intended to introduce an A1 class as the founder of ACE had been instrumental in naming the replica A1'Tornado'. Unfortunately, a totally unsuitable company formed from the remnants of a former factory that manufactured for ACE persuaded the A1 Society to grant them a licence to produce a model which they failed to deliver after many years. Not wishing to become involved in a mess not of our making we abandoned the project.

New Cavendish Books donated this fund raising brochure  for the A1 project. Initially the locomotive was to be named New Cavendish in return for a substantial donation to the eventual Trust. However, pending certain legal formalities it became apparent that the project would need considerably more funding than originally thought. To this end I suggested that the name be a more universal one in terms of further fund raising. Despite other long scrapped locos having borne this name I suggested  Tornado with its association with The RAF would be a more appropriate choice. The then managing committee agreed and although the project was to overrun its completion date and initial budget by a considerable margin the decision was the right one.

Proposed production types and a photo mock up of the model.

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