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E/3 4-4-0 'Celebration' Class Tender Engine·

Based on the 1920’s Hornby 2711 and with Bassett-Lowke leanings. 24V DC electric, working front lights. Isolating switch. 3-rail only and updated version of the E1 mechanism. These were made using tooling from previous models.  All are numbered 2006 with a GWR style number plate.


E/3 2006 CR blue (also in sets with two C/1 CR Coaches)

E/3 2006 GCR black

E/3 2006 LNWR black (also in sets with two C/1 LNWR Coaches)

E/3 2006 LB&SCR brown

E/3 2006 SECR green

E/3 2006 GWR green

E/3 2006 GWR green brass dome

E/3 2006 LMS black

E/3 2006 LMS maroon

E/3 2006 LNER green

E/3 2006 LNER black

E/3 2006 SR green

E/3 2006 SR black

E/3 2006 BR black

E/3  2006 BR blue

E/3 2006 BR black ‘Prince William’

E/3 2006 LNWR black  ‘Prince William’

E/3 2006 GCR black  ‘John H Kitchen’

E/3 2006 GCR black  ‘Butler Henderson’

E/3 2006 BR blue  ‘Prince William’

E/3 2006 BR black ‘Jay Beale’

E/3AU 2006 NSWGR green

E/3NZ 2006 NZR black

E/3AU 2006 VR maroon

E/3 62360 BR Black

E/3 2024 LNER Green

E/3S 2006 LNWR black ‘Prince William’

(in a Set with  two coaches)

E/3S 2006 BR black ‘Prince William’

(in a Set with two C/1 coaches)

E/3S 2006 Caledonian two coach Set.


The following locos that were never made

to highlight BKs inability to produce what

was asked for.

E/3  2006 NER green

E/3 2006 SECR green

E/3  2006 PLM green

E/3 2006 Nord brown

E/3 2006 PO grey

E/3 2006 EST black

Press Release Nov 2006.

The abandoned  E/3 Nord Brown

E/3 B.R. Black.

E/3 C.R. Blue.

E/3 G.C. Black.

E/3 New South Wales Great Railway Australia.

E/3 New Zealand Railways.

E/3 S.R. Black.

E/3 Great Central Black - 50 locos were named ‘John Kitchen’ and a donation of £1,250 from this edition was made to the Bassett Law Hospice, near Retford.

E/3AU Victorian Railways Austraila.

E/3S 2006 Caledonian two coach Set.

E/3S 2006 L&NWR two coach Set.

First advert for the E/3 Loco's that appeared in the HRCA Journal.

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