E/4 LNER/BR tA4 4-6-2 (2003/6)

Purchasers choose their own names and numbers and all models were produced in 3-rail only.  For the first three years the models were produced as AC/DC but, after that, as DC only. The loco body is pressure diecast and the tender is made from brass (corridor or non-corridor).  The loco is fitted with matching twin 24v motors driving all axles and with an isolating switch.  Working headlights and firebox glow.  Single and double chimney versions available and the second batch had smaller lamps. By the start of 2005 the diecast body had been amended to improve lining band details on fully lined types such as BR and green LNER.

 LNER Silver Grey with Valances

  2509 ‘Silver Link’

  2510  Quick Silver‘

  2511  ‘Silver King’

  2512  ‘Silver Fox’


 LNER Doncaster Green with Valances                 4467 ‘Wild Swan’

  4463 ‘Sparrow Hawk’

  4482 ‘Golden Eagle’

  4483 ‘Kingfisher’

  4484 ‘Falcon’

  4485 ‘Kestrel’

  4486 ‘Merlin’

  4487 ‘Sea Eagle’

  4493 ‘Woodcock’

  4494  ‘Osprey’


 LNER Garter Blue with Valances

 2512 ‘Silver Fox’

 2509 Silver Link

  4464 Bittern

  4466 Sir Ralph Wedgwood

  4468 Mallard

  4482 Golden Eagle

  4483 Kingfisher

  4485 Kestrel

  4486 Merlin

  4488 Union of South Africa

  4489 Woodcock

  4489 Dominion of Canada

  4490 Empire of India

  4491 Commonwealth of Australia

  4492 Dominion of New Zealand

  4494 Osprey

  4495 Golden Fleece

  4496 Golden Shuttle

  4496 Dwight D Eisenhower

  4497 Golden Plover

  4498 Sir Nigel Gresley

  4901 Capercaillie

  4902 Seagull

  4903 Peregrine


 LNER Garter Blue without Valances

   6  Sir Ralph Wedgwood

   7 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’

   8  Dwight D Eisenhower

   9  Union of South Africa

  10  Dominion of Canada

  11  Empire of India

  12  Commonwealth of Australia

  14 ‘Silver Fox‘

  13 ‘Dominion of New Zealand‘

  19  Bittern

  23  Golden Eagle

  24  Kingfisher

  27  Merlin


The A4 was entirely the creation of ACE Trains in London and was the first major project given to Grabowsky's new factory operation when he relocated to Thailand from India.

He had no other customers.

The run of A4s in all types was determined by ACE Trains in London and entirely financed by them. This project was entirely directed by London on the basis that the ACE locomotive tradition was based on single runs which would not be repeated.

We made a fundimental error in leaving all our tooling with a person we thought we could trust which in the event was not the case.

Accordingly a new run of A4s was commissioned by Vintage Trains ( since struck off) which was merely an adaption of our original tooling under the guise of being new. They were issued in 2016 and we have evidence they are being passed of as original ACE. They are not and mechanically have flaws that has halted production till late 2017. They are attempting to cover this up but we stress these current issues lack the finish and variety of the originals. Neither do they have the engineering know how or values of our current production.

E/4 Boiler back plate.

E/4 North Eastern 'Mallard' in war time livery.

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  30  Golden Fleece

  31  Golden Plover

  33  Seagull

  4483 ‘Kingfisher’

  4486 ‘Merlin’

  4469 ‘Sir Ralph Wedgwood’

 4496 ‘Dwight D Eisenhower’


North Eastern Black without Valances

  4901 ‘Capercaillie’

  2512 ‘Silver Fox’

  4493 ‘Woodcock’

  4494 ‘Andrew K.McCosh’

  4901  Sir C harles Newton

  4903 ‘Peregrine’

  4498 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’

  4468 ‘Mallard’

  4469 ‘Sir Ralph Wedgwood’


Post War Blue

  60006 ‘Sir Ralph Wedgwood’

  60022 ‘Mallard’

  60024 ‘Kingfisher’


British Railways Blue

  60020 ‘Guillemot’

  60032  ‘Gannet’

  60007 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley

  (Spl Edition for the A4 Society)

  60022 ‘Mallard’

  60010 ‘Dominion of Canada’

  60012 ‘Commonwealth of Australia’


Thompson British Railways Blue

  60024 ‘Kingfisher’

  60027 ‘Merlin’

  60028 ‘Walter K Whigham’

  60029 ‘Woodcock’


 British Railways Green

  60007 ‘Sir Nigel Gresley’

  60008 ‘Dwight D. Eisenhower’

  60009 ‘Union of South Africa’

  60010 ‘Dominion of Canada’

  60011 ‘Empire of India’

  60012 ‘Commonwealth of Australia’

  60013 ‘Dominion of New Zealand’

  60017 ‘Silver Fox’

  60018 ‘Sparrow Hawk’

  60019 ‘Bittern’ as the two tender

              preserved loco.

  60022 ‘Mallard’

  60024 ‘Kingfisher’

  60026 ‘Miles Beevor’

  60027 ‘Merlin

  60029 ‘Woodcock’

  60031 ‘Golden Plover’

  60032 ‘Gannet’

  60034 ‘Lord Faringdon’



LNER Green/black.

 Special Edition A4’s carrying names of  the great Gauge 0 makers, in all disciplines, of the 20th Century.

 7143 ‘Frank Hornby’

 7144 ‘W.J. B-Lowke’

 7145 ‘Stanley Beeson’

 7146 ‘R.F. Steadman’

 7147 ‘W.H.G. Mills’

 7148 ‘Edward Exley’

 7149 ‘Gebruder. Bing’

 7150 ‘Georges Carette’

 7151 ‘Gebr Marklin’

 7152 ‘J. Lionel Cowan’

 7153  ‘J.E. Fournereau’

 7154 ‘Henry Greenly’

 7155 ‘Andries Grabowsky’

 7156 ‘Count Glansanti Coluzzi’

 7157 ‘Marcel Darphin’

 7158 ‘Allen Levy’

 7159 ‘Leonard  W. Mills’

 7160 ‘Robert Marescot’


 British Railways Green

 7160 ‘Terence Cuneo’

  (Presented to Carol)

 xxxx‘Reg Saxton’ (with a fictitious number,

commissioned by the son of a A4 Fireman/Driver)

 Special additional customers names not shown.

A   Loco was given the name Terence Cuneo and presented to Carol Cuneo at the unveiling of a statue of Terence Cuneo by Princess Anne at Waterloo Station in 2007.

E/4 Silver Fox in garter blue.

E/4 Chassis amd motor the 3-rail.

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