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 E/5 SR Q Class 0-6-0 (2007)ยท

This was the first of the 0-6-0 range to be released. These share the new AEC all axle geared chassis incorporating a helical gear drive and have 24 volt DC motors with isolation switch and all axles driven. A 24volt AC version is available to order. The models are of diecast and sheet metal construction with three working front lights which have a sequence changer for route and load type. They have a coal load in the tender, sprung buffers, detailed backhead and interchangeable couplings.

 541 SR black with Maunsell chimney

 533 SR black with Sunshine lettering

 540 SR green with Maunsell chimney

 30548 BR (a) black

 30548 BR (b) black

 30548 SAR black Ltd Edn 20 (Australia)

 30548 NZR black Ltd Edn 20 (N Zealand)

Instruction leaflet.

A List of Standard Lamp Codes issued with E/5 Loco.

E/5 Ltd Edn for Australia  30548 SAR

A flyer for the original programme for E/5

The original concept for the 0-6-0 (above) using several E/1 components was discarded as the E/5 project developed under the influence of Len Mills.

E/5 8248 LNER J19 green.Part of ACE E/5 series later issued by Darstead using ACE Tooling. Illustration shows original ACE sample.

Range of British outline 0-6-0 Tender Locos.

All 24DC (AC special order) with isolating switch


J 19 GER/LNER. Black. GER Blue. BR Black

J 11 GCR/LNER. GCR Lined Black/LNER Black. BR Black

J 19 LNER Black. BR Black

4F LMS Black/ LMS Plain Maroon. BR Black

Pickersgill CR Blue. LMS Black. BR Black

J36 NBR Black (WW1 names)

J36 LNER Black. BR Black

Class 644 GWR Green (Cambrian Green). BR Black

C3 LBSCR Brown. SR Black. BR Black.


The J19s many of them still stamped with the ACE Loco others with it overpainted were sold in Darstaed boxes with a large red sticker with 'Vintage' printed in black on it covering the Darstaed name. This was meant to cover the theft of our work in progress in 2008 under the pretence they were too difficult to make. This was an outright lie a feature of the way this factory turned producer has operated since 2009.

These were all stolen from ACE production who had ordered them and paid for the tooling. They were then sold by Darstaed dealers who did not ask any questions


E/5 Toggle Switch.

Advert placed in the Nov. edition GOG Gazette  2006

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