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E/7 GWR Castle Class 4-6-0 (2006)

Both 2-rail and 3-rail versions are planned. 24V DC (AC to order). Diecast body, twin motors driving all 3 axles through gearbox, working front lights, firebox glow, detailed backhead, new wheel patterns and single and double chimney (dc) versions. In order to simplify construction of the E/7 range, from mid March 2008, the single motor version fitted with the ACE/Mills motor was available at a lower price of £695. There is some reduction in the weight of the ACE/Mills version and a slight reduction in torque characteristics under heavy loads at low speed.·

First Series.

All GWR have Great Western on the tender

All BR have late logo on the tender

All are single chimney

Type Number and name

E/7-1 GWR  4073 Caerphilly Castle

E/7-1 BR  4073 Caerphilly Castle

E/7-1 GWR  4079 Pendennis Castle

E/7-1 BR  4079 Pendennis Castle

E/7-1 GWR  4081 Warwick Castle

E/7-1 BR  4081 Warwick Castle

E/7-1 GWR  4082 Windsor Castle

E/7-1 BR  4082 Windsor Castle

E/7-1 GWR  5002 Ludlow Castle

E/7-1 BR  5002 Ludlow Castle

E/7-1 GWR  5009  Shrewsbury Castle

E/7-1 BR  5009  Shrewsbury Castle

E/7-1 GWR  5011  Tintagel Castle

E/7-1 BR   5011  Tintagel Castle

E/7-1 GWR  100 A1 Lloyds was 5009

Choice of Headboards supplied with

the Locos.

Instruction Leaflet.

E/7-1 GWR  111  Viscount Churchill was 5009

E/7-1 GWR  4016 Knight of the Golden Fleece was 5002

E/7-1 GWR  4088 Dartmouth Castle was  5011

E/7-1 GWR  4095 Harlech Castle was 501

E/7-1 GWR  4096 Highclere Castle was 4081

E/7-1 GWR  5069 `I. K. Brunel`was 5009

E/7-1 GWR  5070  `Sir Daniel Gooch was 5009

E/7-1 GWR  7007 ‘ Great Western’ was 5009

E/7-1 GWR  7023 Penrice Castle was 5002

E/7-1 BR  111  Viscount Churchill

E/7-1 BR  5009 Shrewsbury Castle  was 4073

E/7-1 BR  4016 Knight of the Golden Fleece was 4079

E/7-1 BR  4084  Aberystwyth Castle

E/7-1 BR  4077 Chepstow Castle

E/7-1 BR  4096 Highclere Castle

E/7-1 BR  5009 Leonard Castle was 4073

E/7-1 BR  5012  Berry Pomeroy Castle

E/7-1 BR  5029 Nunney Castle were 5002 & 5009

E/7-1 BR  7037 ‘Swindon’ was  5011

E/7-J GWR  7029 Clun Castle.

E/7-1 BR  4079 Pendennis Castle.

A Point of Sale Card for the first series.

First advert for the E/7 Castles that appeared in the GOG Gazette.

A News item that appeared in the American Classic Toy Trains magazine.

Advert announcing the second series.

Second Series.

All GWR types have Great Western on the tender unless otherwise stated

E/7-2A GWR 5018 St. Mawes Castle

E/7-2B Early BR 5018 St. Mawes Castle

E/7-2C GWR 5069 I. K. Brunel

E/7-2D Early BR 5069 I. K. Brunel

E/7-2E Late BR 5069 I. K. Brunel D/Chimney

E/7-2G Early BR 7013 Bristol Castle

E/7-2H Late BR 7013 Bristol Castle D/Chimney

E/7-2J GWR 7029 Clun Castle

E/7-2K Early BR 7029 Clun Castle

E/7-2L Late  BR 7029 Clun Castle D/Chimney


E/7-2M GWR un-named custom Castle

E/7-2M GWR  111 'Viscount Churchill

E/7-2M GWR  4000 'North Star

E/7-2M GWR  4016  Knight of the Golden Fleece

E/7-2M GWR  4073 Caerphilly Castle

E/7-2M GWR  4075 'Cardiff Castle'

E/7-2M GWR  4079 Pendennis Castle

E/7-2M GWR  4082 'Windsor Castle'

E/7-2M GWR  4084 'Aberystwyth Castle'

E/7-2M GWR  5000 ‘ Launceston Castle‘

E/7-2M GWR  5006 Tregenna Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5009 Shrewsbury Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5011  Tintagel Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5014 Goodrich Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5020 Trematon Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5043 Earl of Mount Edgecumbe t

E/7-2M GWR  5051 Drysllyn Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5061 Sudeley Castle

E/7-2M GWR  5080 Defiant

E/7-2M G crest W 7002 Devizes Castle

E/7-2M GWR  7011 `Banbury Castle`

E/7-2M GWR  7013 'Bristol Castle'

E/7-2M GWR  7037 Swindon

E/7-2M GWR 'Lady Nina Alysha Claire'

 GWR shirt button logo on tender

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button custom

E/7-2N GWR  Shirt button 4016 Knight of the Golden Fleece

E/7-2N GWR  Shirt button 4037 The South Wales Borderers

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button 5029 Nunney Castle

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button 5039 Rhuddlan Castle

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button 5040 'Stokesay Castle'

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button 5069 I. K. Brunel

E/7-2N GWR  shirt button 5084  Reading Abbey

 Early BR

E/7-2P BR  Custom (no  No. or name)

E/7-2P BR  4080  Powderham Castle

E/7-2P BR  4081  Warwick Castle

E/7-2P BR  4091  Dudley Castle

E/7-2P BR  5006  Tregenna Castle

E/7-2P BR  5009  Shrewsbury Castle

E/7-2P BR  5015  Kingswear Castle

E/7-2P BR  5020  Trematon Castle


E/7-2P BR  5048  Earl of Devon

E/7-2P BR  5051  Drysllwyn Castle

E/7-2P BR  5062  Earl of Shaftsbury

E/7-2P BR  5063  Earl of Baldwin

E/7-2P BR  5076  Gladiator

E/7-2P BR  5082  Swordfish

E/7-2P BR  5092  Tresco Abbey

E/7-2P BR  5097  Sarum Castle

E/7-2P BR  7007  Great Western

E/7-2P BR  7011  Banbury Castle

E/7-2P BR  7014  Caerhays Castle

E/7-2P BR  7015  Carn Brea Castle

E/7-2P BR  7037  Swindon

 Late BR

E/7-2Q BR  Custom  (no  No. or name)

E/7-2Q BR  5000  Launceston

E/7-2Q BR  5039 Rhuddlan Castle

E/7-2Q BR  5080 `Defiant`

E/7-2Q BR  5087 Tintern Abbey

E/7-2Q BR  5089 ‘Westminster Abbey’

E/7-2Q BR  7002  Devizes Castle

E/7-2Q BR  7017 George Jackson Churchward

 Late BR double chimney

E/7-2R BR  Custom  (no  No. or name )

E/7-2R BR  1971 'County of Camelot'

E/7-2R BR  4080  Powderham Castle

E/7-2R BR  4088 Dartmouth Castle

E/7-2R BR  5061 Earl of Birkenhead

E/7-2R BR  7007 Great Western

E/7-2R BR  7015 Carn Brea Castle

E/7-2R BR  7022 Hereford Castle

E/7-2R BR  7038 Woodsford Castle

 Early BR double chimney

E/7-2S BR  5043  Earl of Mount Edgecumbe


E/7-2T 5023 Brecon Castle BR light green

E/7-2V 7010 Avondale Castle BR light green

E/7-2W 7011 Banbury Castle BR light green

E/7-2 4091 Dudley  Castle BR light green

E/7-2 5069 I. K. Brunel BR light green

 GWR  war-time plain green

E/7-2X 5071 Spitfire

E/7-2Y 5079 Lysander

E/7-2Z 5080 Defiant

A number Special edition Locomotives were ordered for ModelFair that were not produced by Bangkok.

E7/1 5000 Launceston Castle

E7/1 5001 Llandovery Castle

E7/1 5013 Abergavenny Castle

E7/1 7029 Great Western

E7/1 5070 Sir Daniel Gooch t

E7/1 5072 Hurricane

 Castle kits

E/7-2KDC Castle Kit double chimney

E/7-2KSC Castle kit single chimney

E7/1 5000 Launceston Castle. Special edition for ModelFair.

Four of the E/7-2 series Locos.

E/7-2V 7010 Avondale Castle.

E/7-2H Late BR 7013 Bristol Castle D/Chimney.

E/7-2Y 5079 Lysander.

E/7-2KDC Castle Kit.

Castle Kit Instructions

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