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E/9  4-6-2 Bulleid 4-6-2  Southern Railway Locomotive 2013

Fitted with 24 Volt DC motor. Suitable for 2 and three rail running, Working front lights plus code discs supplied. Atlantic Coast Express headboard included. Standard names.  Padstow. Blackmoor Vale. Westward Ho.  Hurricane,. Tangmere. Sir Eustance Missenden.

Livery options SR Malachite Green, Photographic Grey (Fighter Command)

British Railways versions

Atlantic Coast Express headboard included. Standard names. Exeter.  Exmouth.   Winston Churchill. Fighter Command. Spitfire. Livery options  BR Brunswick Green. All with a Atlantic Coast Express Board and four white discs except for locos 'H' and 'P' which will just have the four white discs.  Price £595.

E/9A BR green 34001 Exeter

E/9B SR green 21C108 Padstow

E/9C BR green 34015 Exmouth

E/9D SR green 21C123 Blackmore Vale

E/9E SR green 21C136 Westward Ho

E/9G BR green 34051 Winston Churchill

E/9H SR grey 21C164 Fighter Command

E/9J BR green 34064 Fighter Command

E/9K SR green 21C165 Hurricane

E/9L BR green 34066 Spitfire

E/9M SR green 21C167 Tangmere

E/9P BR malachite green 34090 Sir Eustace Missenden

E/9R1 SR malachite green custom WC

E/9R2 SR malachite green custom BB

E/9S1 BR green custom WC

E/9S3-S4 BR green custom name BB/WC  post 56 emblem

E/9T1 BR malachite green custom name WC

E/9T2 BR malachite green custom name BB

E/9V1 BR apple green WC 34011 Tavistock

E/9V2 BR apple green BB 34056 Croydon

Named Train Sets.

The `Golden Arrow` and `Devon Belle` train boards for the loco and coaches will be supplied as a separate kit comprising,

Golden Arrow Loco headboard x 1, Anglo French Flag x 1,  Large Loco arrows x 2,t

Devon Belle Loco headboard x 1, Loco side boards x1 pair, coach boards x 16

S.R Name Board.

Devon Belle.

B.R Name Board.

A review that appeared in the GOG Gazette.

The Leonard Cheshire VC auction report.

A SR 21C617 E/9 was sold  for £1559 including buyers premium, the latter kindly donated by SAS auctions at their ‘Trains Galore Sale’. on  December 10th 2010

David Barzilay was able to locate ex 617 Squadron bomber pilot Lawrence Goodman who addressed the audience prior to the lot being auctioned. The locomotive was bought by a telephone bidder and all proceeds will be sent to the Charity.

Lawrence Goodman, now 90 recounted in a conversation before the sale that taking off with a full fuel load and a 22,000 lb bomb was very physical but he added ‘I was young then’.  He also recalled having released the bomb his Lancaster rose dramatically in the air as if in relief. He also recounted having dropped a significant bomb on the pocket battleship ‘Tirpitz’.

He thought in his long life presenting a model locomotive named after a colleague was an unlikely event but in the actual event a very pleasurable one.

E/9G BR green Winston Churchill on Golden Arrow duty.

E/9D SR green 21C123 Blackmore Vale.

E/9H SR grey 21C164 Fighter Command.

Golden Arrow.

In producing this Battle of Britain Locomotive, ACE Trains have recognised the work of the most highly decorated pilot in the Second World War, Leonard Cheshire VC. In 1948 he set up Cheshire Homes and today the charity is known as Leonard Cheshire Disability serving over 20,000 people with disabilities in the UK as well as being active in 52 countries. For each loco sold ACE Trains have kindly donated £10. I would like to thank Allen Levy for this generous gesture.

Bob Leggett

Area Fundraiser

Leonard Cheshire Disability


Press Release re the auction of a Loco for charity.

Mr Goodman and Charlotte

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