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ACE Trains 2016

G/1   Petrol/Spirit Tank Wagons, 2004

These are sold in sets of three and they will have inter changeable couplings.  The bodies are lithographed in four colours and are fitted to a detailed chassis with brake gear.  The chassis has dropout side frames for lubricating axle boxes. Price £99.00 Inc. VAT.

Set 1  ACE Trains Oil - Mobiloil - Esso (Yellow). Three Rail only.

Set 2 Esso (Grey) - Wakefield Castro - Regent. Three Rail only.

Set 3 Pratts High Test - Pratts Spirit (Green) - Similar (Brown). Three Rail only.

Set 4 Anglo American Oil - Motor BP Spirit(Yellow) - Colas (Red).Three Rail only.


Set 5  Redline Glico - Shell Motor Spirit - Royal Daylight. Three Rail only.

Set 6  National Benzole Mixture - Pool (Grey) - Colas (Blue). Three Rail only.

Set 7  Power Ethyl - BP Motor Spirit (Grey) - Esso (Yellow). Two Rail only.

Set 8  BP Motor Spirit (Green) - Esso (Yellow) - Mobiloil (Grey).  Two Rail only.

G/1M    Milk Tank Wagons, 2004

These are also sold in sets of three and are the same as the petrol tanks but without cross strapping and riveting. They also have a smaller filler cap with a valve on either side.

Set A   United Dairies white. Two Rail only.

Set B   Express Dairy white. Two Rail only.

Production Drawing.

Set C   Nestles Milk white. Two Rail only.

Early Flyer.

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